Overview of Our Services  

With our 4Rs Transitional Care and the support of the Caregiver Management computerized Care Planning system, we offer the best recuperation, rehabilitation, restoration and reintegration using these services:

Restorative Care Services – post hospitalization:  

  • Recovery from stroke, surgery, fractures, cardiac
  • Therapies
  • Skilled nursing and restorative programming to retrain the body and the mind
  • Overcoming emotional and social deficits to enable reintegration

Social Clubs – group activities:

  • Current Events
  • Reading
  • Dancing
  • Gourmet
  • Movie Lovers
  • Theater
  • Crafts and producing items for sale at the Bazaar
  • Internet
  • Computer Games
  • Therapeutic groups for specific diagnoses

Health Preservation Services (55 years old and up):  

  • Fitness Clinic
  • Screening for health issues
  • On-site physician, podiatrist, optometrist, dentist and hearing specialists
  • Transport and Pharmacy
  • Counseling for the soul

These services and lifestyle opportunities are provided in a warm living environment that is a short term alternative to home. All-American Care is an environment that is conducive to wellness and functional improvement. All-American Care patients will achieve their highest functioning possible.

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