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Muscatine, IA

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All-American Care of Muscatine

This All-American Care facility, formerly known as Muscatine Care Center, was built in the 1970’s by the Juckette Construction Company. It was initially 60 beds and was expanded to 100 in 1974. All-American Care purchased the facility September 1, 2009 and began renovations during September. The red brick building has been painted white, the roof resurfaced in a black decorative finish and the parking lot resurfaced.

The intent is to replicate the White House in Sharon Rhoads’ mother’s memory…her name being Dorotha C. White…or The D. C. White House. A new sign tells the public that All-American Care of Muscatine has arrived. The flag pole also shows the All-American Flag but more importantly the American Flag that once flew over the real White House adorns our flag pole. It was donated by a WWII veteran, Richard Garmon, who received it from the President in September 2009 for his service to our country. His wife is currently a patient in our facility.

Internally, many changes are being made. The front dining area has been converted from old tile to a modern wood lament flooring. This area is being converted to an all-purpose approach to dining, socialization and companionship clubs, classes and discussion groups.

The entry way has been redone and the nurses’ stations redesigned for modern med and treatment carts with charting zones.

The halls are being repainted in more modern colors to match new wall colors, bedspreads, curtains and pictures in the patients’ rooms. The therapy room has been converted to a more modern gym for rehab, exercise and fitness. A new therapy company has been chosen to assist in modernizing the equipment and services.

The tiny beauty shop has been moved and expanded for better services.

We now have partnership agreements with our suppliers and service vendors so we can provide the highest quality at the most economical cost. The staff has been reorganized into care delivery teams assigned to specialized care units with their own uniforms that designate their function and skill level. All-American Care name badges indicate their particular job function.

We have reworked our employee benefits, wage structure and incentives. We expect our staff to be the best in Muscatine, the State of Iowa and on a national basis earn the designation of a 5 star skilled nursing facility.

In the new age of clinical specialization All-American Care of Muscatine has embraced two very innovative approaches to serving the Muscatine health care market…Pre Acute Preventive Care and Post Acute Transitional Care utilizing the Caregiver Management Systems of electronic assessment, care planning and documentation that focuses all staff on the pursuit of outcomes. It also sets up the charting for Medicare justification and ramping the patients through our restorative programming that qualifies for insurance, Part B or Medicaid case mix payment.

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Latest News

White House Flag Flies at Care Center

By Erin Tiesman

MUSCATINE , Iowa – It seemed like an obvious choice for Dick Garmon, 83, of Muscatine, to donate his new American flag to the All-American Care Center of Muscatine.

Garmon’s wife, Marcene, 80, is a resident there and Garmon, who attended the World War II Honor Tour in late September, was one of 31 men to receive an American flag in Washington D.C. The flag he received flew over the White House.

On his way home, he decided he would dedicate his flag to the care facility, now known as the D.C. White House.

The Muscatine Care Center was renamed All-American Care of Muscatine in September and its facility named the D.C. White House.

“It was a neat experience; I didn’t expect any recognition,” Garmon said of his decision to donate the flag. “I just thought it would be something nice we could do.”

Garmon said he’s been happy with the care his wife’s received since relocating to All-American Care in May.

“He wanted the flag where his wife was,” said Sue Duwa, associate administrator at All-American Care. “He’s a very dedicated husband, and comes here twice a day and takes care of her. He’s just a super-nice gentleman.”

All-American Care CEO Jerry Rhoads said he was honored when he found out Garmon wanted to donate the flag.

“It’s almost like it was meant to be,” Rhoads said.

Rhoads purchased the former Muscatine Care Center and renamed it and is in the process of renovating the property. The outside of the building has been painted white, and is named the D.C. White House after his mother-in-law, Dorotha C. White, who died in 2005 from neglect and abuse.

The Muscatine location is one of many Rhoads hopes to renovate in honor of his mother-in-law.

During the Honor Tour, the American flag became not only a symbol of Garmon’s time in the U.S. Army in the 24th infantry, but an outreach to other cultures.

Garmon said he and the other Honor Tour participants were given a dozen small flags to hand out to people in Washington D.C. One of the first people he handed one to had just arrived in the United States from Germany.

“It was so neat,” Garmon said with tears in his eyes.

He also met two young women from South Africa, and bumped into them several times on his tour of the various memorials and museums.

Garmon and another traveler helped place a wreath near the Iowa pillar at the World War II Memorial.

At the dedication of his flag, Garmon and his son, Richard, presented the stars and stripes to Rhoads, who ran it up the flagpole. Marcene was by her husband’s side.

“It is fate,” Rhoads said of Garmon’s flag. “It’s amazing he was willing to give it to us because of the meaning to him and us, and what we’re trying to accomplish there.”

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Makeover Coming for Muscatine Care Center

By Erin Tiesman

The Muscatine Care Center, 2002 Cedar St., will soon be getting a makeover. When the project is finished, the Care Center will sport a new name too — All-American Care of Muscatine. Erin Tiesman/Muscatine Journal

MUSCATINE , Iowa — The Muscatine Care Center is getting a makeover — White House-style.

Jerry Rhoads, 69 an Indianola native, is CEO of All-American Care Centers Inc., a company  renovating nursing homes across the country.  Muscatine Care Center is one of two prototypes for his new project.

The Muscatine Care Center will be renamed All-American Care of Muscatine and its facility named the D.C. White House, after Rhoads’ mother-in-law, Dorotha C. White, who died of neglect and abuse in an Illinois nursing home in 2004 at age 92. Rhoads and his wife, Shari, founded the Dorotha C. White Foundation.

“We need to perfect this approach to long-term care,” Rhoads said.

Rhoads’ approach to nursing home care is to help “restore patient function,” a model he refers to as restorative care.

“We want to get them as well as possible to go back home,” he said.

Rhoads has more than 30 years experience working with nursing homes and has implemented his system in more than 150 facilities across the country, he said.

Rhoads believes a good nursing home isn’t only about the staff but how well residents feel.

“Get the staff morale up and it’s amazing what we can do,” Rhoads said.

The red bricks of the facility are now white, and the outside will look similar to the White House, adorned with pillars and landscaping, Rhoads said.

Inside, Rhoads and his team will be renovating the dining room into a more social area, with a place for social groups to meet. Hardwood floors will be installed and the physical therapy room will be expanded with additional equipment, he said. A new computer system and software will allow nurses and staff to perform comprehensive care updates.

Another prototype is being renovated in Little Rock, Ark. The Muscatine Care Center was bought by Rhoads and his team after the owners put it up for sale.

Rhoads said many of the renovations will be done within 60 days.

“You won’t recognize this place,” he said.

As the census increases, Rhoads said new staff will be brought on board. Of the 100 beds, only a little over half are now filled. He hopes to see at least 85 filled after the changes.

Mary Quigley, administrator of the Muscatine Care Center, said she’s excited to see the transformation of the facility.

“I think this is an awesome thing for the community and the current staff and residents we already have,” Quigley said. “What has really touched my heart is even the residents in the facility already feel so proud because their new home is getting this new look.”

Quigley said Rhoads and his team — including wife, Shari, 68; son, Kip, 44; and co-owner Jeff Mulder, 50  — toured the home on Sept. 17 and 18 to speak with residents.

“Nothing’s been held back from the residents,” Quigley said, adding that all are aware of the upcoming renovations. “I think the staff is ready for change, something new and exciting.”

At A Glance Muscatine Care Center opened in 1974, with a new addition added four years later.

It currently is home to 56 residents, with 100 beds available in the facility. Seventy staff work in the facility, administered by Mary Quigley who has been administrator for over three years.

Due to the expansion and expected increase in census, new positions will be available in the future as the All-American Care of Muscatine building takes on a new look and management.

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All-American Care of Muscatine

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