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The Best Short Term Alternative to Home
Transitional Care for the Journey from Illness to Home

All-American Care has been established to be the industry benchmark in Long Term Care by creating a restorative environment for all our patients. This is accomplished by recognizing that an All-American Care facility is a transitional care environment, not a permanent home. The All-American Care journey is begun in a warm, friendly, progressive and non-institutional setting designed to promote activity and achieve health preservation.

Home is where your family resides…

…where you pay property taxes, a mortgage, rent. It’s where you go after work! It is where your family gathers for the holidays. Home is where your garage is. Home is where your memories live. Home is where your heart is.

A long term care facility is not a home. It is a short term alternative to home or a long term journey to wellness. It is a place to recover from illness or injury while on your journey home. During this transition, the long term care facility you select should be comfortable and staffed by professionals who are committed to each patient’s wellness. The staff should encourage each patient to reach his or her highest level of functioning, which sometimes takes more time than the staff merely doing everything for the patient.

At All-American Care, we view doing everything for the patient as the easy way out -- it is a more difficult road to walk each step with the patient, cajoling and cheering along the way. All-American Care patients do not spend their entire day in a wheelchair parked in front of a TV.

All-American Care patients are treated to a programmatic approach that is designed so that every activity, every meal, every visit to the bathroom, every game, every craft … is carried out to improve the patient’s quality of life and to increase the likelihood of returning home!

Our Success Is Measured By Our Patients’ Quality of Life  

The All-American Care Package

All-American Care provides Customized Restorative Care plansthat offer:  

  • Transitional Care
  • 4Rs – Recuperate, Rehabilitate, Restore, Reintegrate (link to About Us/Customized Restorative Care Plans/4Rs Patient Assessment and Wellness/The 4Rs)
  • State of the art electronic Customized Care Planning
  • ACTIVE and Productive Patient Treatment (link to Wellness/Health Preservation Approach)

Committed to restoring and preserving your health


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